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ScottLee from Jean Hilton’s Designs is Now Available

I am so pleased to announce that Jean Hilton’s ScottLee is now available.  Jean’s daughter Lisa has graciously agreed to sell the rights to publish several more of Jean’s designs to us.  We have also released Tina, a companion piece to Lisa and in memory of Jean’s little baby that only lived a few days.  73912-stitches And Darien, another wonderful geometric.cover-picIf you are interested in ordering any of the above designs please call our store at 812-437-1320 or email us at  Currently this is an exclusive to our shop.  Also watch for several more future designs to be released.

4 Responses to “ScottLee from Jean Hilton’s Designs is Now Available”

  1. Karan Quintero, R.N. says:

    Hi I am interested in purchasing Scott Lee, Darien and Quidity. If you have other released designs please advise, I would like to see photo on the web if possible.


  2. velia antila says:

    I am intereted in ScottLee and would like to know if it is a printed canvass with instructions. Also the price. I am in So. California.
    Thank you.

  3. […] had hoped to submit the Jean Hilton piece I am working on, “ScottLee,” but I didn’t finish it. I did a pilot stitching piece and it took more time than […]

  4. […] ScottLee, by Jean Hilton, is my current favorite project. It’s inspired by an oriental rug — the density of patterns and variety of colors are definitely evocative of one. […]

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