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The Primitive Needle by Lisa Roswell A & E,  Eliza’s Sampler, Twigs and Berries, Near Halloween, A Gift for Mary, Mehitable Frisbee,  Mary Doidge, Two Horses,  Kindred Spirits,   God Bless Us Everyone,  1612, Flatheads Embrace,  Old Game Board, The Olde Settlement,  Follow Me, Moon Sicke

Examplars From the Heart Guidance, Humility, Leslie’s Peacock Garden, Mehitable Terrill 1793 Samplar, My Garden Samplar, Peace, Pumpkin Season, The Blessing, The Grape Season Samplar, The Mermaid and the Sea, The Needle Charmer, The Northern Lights Samplar, The Rose Samplar, When The Calling Birds Sing

Just Nan We have many of Just Nan’s designs that have been retired also.  If you are looking for a particular one please call the store at 812-437-1320. Over the Top Tins – Grow, Glow, Spooky, Jingle, Hop, Sizzle, Boo Gilded Dragonfly Scissor Purse, Barnabee’s Bride, Snow Drop Icicles, Charm Garden Pins, Honey Bunny, Winter Violets, Tulip Buny, Whirlibirds, Hagatha’s Hats, Tricky Tweets, Cardinal Tweet, Hootzi Humbug, Gingerbread Jingle Mouse, Winter Spell, Summer Spell, Flowering Crown, Autumn Spell, Horrified, Floral Fifteen FRAMES Dewdrop/ Blitzen Glistens Frame, Garden Maze Frame, Ginger Joy Frame, Royal Blossoms Frame, Flowering Crown Frame, Christmas Cheer Frame, Mitten Men Frame, Queen’s Heart Frame, Pearl Angel Frame, Daffodil Run Frame, Strawberry Heart Frame and several different Whimzies frames

Hands to Work 1825 Tapestry, 19th Century Birds, A Bird Sang, A Merry Heart, Alphabat, Anna Stonebreaker, AnnEliza Hastings, Be Not Weary, Be Ye Kind, Big Red House, Bird in Hand, Christmas Stocking Ornaments, Education, Ellen Myerscough, Flowers For Thee, Forbeare Not Sowing, Forever Thy Friend, Hannah Miller’s Sampler, I Wait for the Lord, Ida Nolt, Jonah, Liberty, More of My Favorite Primitive Stitching Bags, Mr Harry Terry Tom, My Beloved Tennessee, My Favorite Primitive Stitching Bags, My Full Heart, My Virginia Home, My West Virginia Home, One Flag, Patience 1898, Peace and Prosperity, Pear Tree, Return the Kindneses, Sara Fleming 1807, Spring Violets, Stitching Calendar, The Littles, Two Fine Houses, Welcome 1807

Monsterbubbles 64, Abigail Hobbs, Alice Parker, Bliss, Bridget Bishop, Delicious, Don’t, Dorcas Hoar, Elizabeth Proctor, Fire, Gala, Hello, Irish Peace, Lizzie Borden, Lost, Love, Lydia Dustin, Margaret Scott, Martha Corey, Mary Easty, Nobody’s Perfect, Outside Box, Spellbound, Strength, Stitch Graffiti, Stitch Hazel, Tempest, The Four Seasons Screen Frame Kit (1-4), Webs, Welcome, Yadda, Yourself

The Cat’s Whiskers Alyssum’s Scissor Pocket, Bianca’s Scissor Pocket, Birds of a Feather, Blessed with Happiness, , Christmas Toy Box, Cupcakes Glorious Cupcakes!,  Elegant Initials, Feed My Soul Stitches, Grandma’s Cushions, Indian Dreams, On the Twelfth Day…, Queen Anne’s Lace, Retail Theraphy, Santa Says, Scissors By Any Other Name, Spook-A-Boo, The Garden Chair. The Peacock Stitching Chair, Victorian Memories Chaise Lounge, What a Hoot Scissor Keep,

Bizzi Creations, Brightneedle, Lilybet, Hillside Samplings, Prairie Moon – coming

Hobb-Nobb Designs Brrr, Fiber Fabric, & Floss, When the Chips are Down, Hippity Hoppity, Flaky Friends, Love Makes the Heart Bloom  and many more Doodles

Stone and Thread A Bunny & A Garden, As the Crow Flies, Aunt Sarah’s Garden, Bittersweet & Crows, Chick on Egg, Folk Heart Flowers, Garden Flowers, Keeper of the Snow, Little Log Cabin Sampler, Live Humbly, Live Simply, Loves Me Loves Me Not, Pinebranches & Redbirds, Snowman Bag, Tulips for You

Lizzie Kate Retired Kits Beware of Cat Pocketbook Kit, Do Not Open ‘Till Christmas Pocketbook Kit, Eek Limited Edition Kit, Betty Broomstick, Sally Snow, Vinnie Van Fang

Forever in My Heart Acorns to Oaks,  Always Kiss Me Goodnight, Christmas Signs, Eat Sleep Stitch, Ginger’s Hope, Home is Where They Love You, Learned Arts, Love Grows, Smile, You are Enough Just the Way You Are! You  Are My Sunshine, Words to Celebrate

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