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Jean Hilton’s Teals of Laughter

Jean Hilton’s Teals of Laughter was just delivered to me from my local printer!  My friend, Lois Davidson stitched the model and it is awesome!!  She is a fabulous stitcher and I owe her a BIG THANK YOU!  To help defray our design cost we are going to keep this as a shop EXCLUSIVE for a while.  If you are going to the ANG seminar in August I will have the books with me for Expo night too!  The price on the design is $30.  If you are interested please call the store at 812-437-1320 or email us at

One Response to “Jean Hilton’s Teals of Laughter”

  1. Barb Crick says:

    I received my chart of Teals of Laughter but cannot seem to find Rainbow Gallery Fyre Werks F37 turquoise
    (thread #15).

    What would be a good substitute?

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