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St. Charles Market

I just returned from St. Charles’ market.  As usual I am always amazed at the new designs that our wonderful designers have come out with.  The Embassy Suites had five full floors of rooms of designs.  It is really a treat to have the opportunity to meet these designers.  I am in the process of updating our gallery with new designs pictures, so keep checking for updates. 

Halloween designs were really big this year.  One of my favorites was Shakespeare’s Peddler with her new Jenny Bean Sampler and Pin Cushion( an alter ego of the designer or so she says).  She plans to do several more of these.  Primitive Needle also has several new designs and they are awesome.  My “to dos” have grown tremendously! 

Also I loved The Prairie Moon’s new Crypt Club.  It is not really a club, but I think I will collect them like they are.  Each design is wonderful – very cryptic!  Lizzie Kate did not disappoint me either.  I love her new Christmas ABC’s. 

 I also have a few limited edition Lizzie Kate Halloween designs but not many so come in soon.  I won’t be able to hold these – so first come, first serve.  The same with Just Nan.  I don’t really like that the designers are doing these.  They are wonderful designs and I know customers are disappointed when they are gone.  Actually sometimes it is the designers’ suppliers that only produce a limited number of special accessories so it is a trickle down theory.   

We have filled over 2 new baskets of charts and kits and I won’t even try to list them all.  Stop by the store – soon, very soon!  Susie


PS -Jenifer and Karen joined me on Saturday and hopefully they will post their experiences soon too!

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